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City of Milwaukee's Fiscal Condition:

Making Ends Meet

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A Fork in the Road?
The outlook for transportation infrastructure in the city and county of Milwaukee

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Property Values and Taxes in Southeast Wisconsin

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The Quest for Quality: How YoungStar is affecting child care in Milwaukee County

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Sep, 2016

Our new research finds that the City of Milwaukee’s financial outlook is much improved from the depths of the recent economic recession. The report also suggests, however, that “fundamental fiscal change” will be needed if City leaders wish to make and sustain new investments in additional...

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Sep 18, 2016
In August 2009, the Public Policy Forum published Between a Rock and a Hard Place, a detailed examination of the City of Milwaukee's finances. The report was released just weeks after Mayor Barrett had proclaimed the City’s upcoming 2010 budget "by far the most difficult" he had faced in his nearly...

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