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On the Money? The City of Milwaukee's Uncommon Revenue Structure and How it Compares to Peer Cities

"Last Mile" transit report wins GRA award!

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Policy in a Pub:
City Revenues and Improvement Districts

July 31, 2017

Recently Released...

Joining Forces: Exploring service sharing opportunities for MPS

Recently Released...

Budget Brief: 2018 Proposed Budget Milwaukee Public Schools

Recently Released...

Exploring Public Health Service Sharing and Consolidation in Oak Creek and South Milwaukee

Recently Released...

Beneath the Streets: The outlook for Metro Milwaukee's largest water and sewer infrastructure assets

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Jul, 2017

Our latest research finds sharp distinctions between the City of Milwaukee and similar-sized cities when it comes to financing the workings of their city governments. This finding and a deeper review of four of Milwaukee's peers suggest that changes to the City's revenue structure should be...

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Jul 23, 2017
In Making Ends Meet, our September 2016 report assessing the City of Milwaukee's fiscal condition, we detailed the consequences of the City's "broken revenue structure." Among those was an inability to make new investments in public safety, community development, and/or other needs identified in...

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