Who can join PPF?

Anyone can join the Forum. We currently have more than 250 members, including businesses, local governments, public school districts, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations and individuals. Visit the membership page of our web site for our current list of members.

How much does it cost to join PPF?

Our membership rate varies based on the size and nature of the business or organization. Please consult our dues structure for more detailed information.

What are the benefits of Forum membership?

Members of the Forum receive: notification when new reports, research briefs, and newsletters are released; invitations to members-only presentations and discussions; discounted rates for events like Viewpoint Luncheons; opportunities to have Forum researchers meet with your staff to discuss policy issues in an informal setting; direct access by telephone or email to our expert team of policy researchers for answers on individual questions; and opportunities to serve on Forum committees. 

How do PPF members participate in the organization?

There are a variety of ways for members to participate based on their interests and availability. Members are invited to serve on policy committees that help guide the Forum’s research agenda in certain key issue areas; attend policy luncheons at discounted prices and special members’ only events; and have direct interaction with our staff of policy experts.

Who should I contact if I am interested in joining PPF?

Please contact our Director of Operations, Therese Schneider, via email or by phone at 414-276-8240 ext. 3.

What percentage of my membership dues are tax deductible?

The Forum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As such, 100% of your membership dues are tax deductible since the Forum does not offer any goods or services in exchange for your membership. However, certain other payments to the Forum are not considered 100% tax deductible (e.g, registration fees to Viewpoint Luncheons or Salute to Local Government).

Does PPF lobby or advocate?

No. In order to maintain our reputation for nonpartisanship and impartiality and our
501(c)(3) status, the Forum does not lobby or advocate.

Who is on the PPF Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees consists of 60 voting members from the region’s business, government, higher education and nonprofit sectors. In addition, there are more than 20 non-voting Emeritus members. Please use the following link to view our current Board of Trustees.

Who funds PPF?

Our revenue comes from a mix of foundation grants (41%), membership dues (26%), contracts (13%) and other smaller sources, including event income and endowment earnings. Our finance section contains additional detail.

How many researchers does PPF employ and what are their credentials?

The Forum currently has three full-time researchers and two part-time researchers. The Forum’s president also spends more than half of his time as a researcher and writer. More information on all of our staff can be found by visiting our staff page.

Who decides which research projects PPF undertakes?

The Forum’s research priorities are established by the Board of Trustees at strategic planning sessions that occur every three to five years. Individual research projects must adhere to those priorities and emanate from policy committees, staff, or requests from local governments, school districts and civic organizations. All major research projects are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee and Research Committee. The full Board of Trustees also reviews annual research agendas at its quarterly meetings.

Other than publish reports, what else does PPF do?

In addition to publishing reports, the Forum also provides facilitation and strategic planning services to local governments, and makes presentations on the results of our research.

Are all PPF reports available to the public?

Yes, all Forum reports are available to the public via our website.

Do you make your data available to other researchers?

Yes, in accordance with our mission to "disclose true and accurate information," we have a policy to share data with all other interested researchers. If you need more information, please contact IT Director/Researcher, Jeff Schmidt.

Are there organizations like PPF in other cities?

While the Forum is somewhat unique in terms of its wide variety of funding sources and members, there are several independent public policy research organizations throughout the country. Several are members of the Governmental Research Association, the national association of individuals and organizations professionally engaged in governmental research.

Do you research statewide issues?

Most of our research focuses on local government issues of interest to southeast Wisconsin taxpayers, but we occasionally analyze state and/or national policies and programs that impact our region.

Are you affiliated with a university?

No. The Forum is independent of any university or other research organization.

Are you affiliated with Canada's Public Policy Forum?

No. If you are seeking information about Canadian policy, please visit www.ppforum.ca.